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24 bit recording studio

Multimedia Productions

LNC uses Protools / DigiDesign 24 Track Recorder along with a 24 track recording console. We can record an unlimited number of digital tracks.

24-Bit Digital Recording

Engineering - Mixing

Mastering - Production (pre and post)

Analog to Digital Conversion

Karaoke Tracks

Audio/Video editing and production

Voice over and Voice Manipulation.


Convert old 78, 45 and 33 rpm records, cassette and reel to reel tapes to digital audio CDs

Preserve and revive valuable one of a kind or rare recordings made on older discontinued formats into newly converted and restored CDs

Pop Removal from old recordings

Services include transfers from original media to digital format, clean-up and enhancement of audio files, and production of an audio CD with jewel case, cover and label art

33, 78 and 45 rpm records - conversion with artwork from covers

LPs, cassettes and reel to reel tapes, prices will depend upon length of material and the amount of restoration required - please call our office for an estimate


Here's a thumbnail sketch of my basic process from “Begin Project” to “Finished Product”  

Pre-production and set up

-book session, assess and discuss client needs, estimate time and musical requirements (additional pickers or singers? help with musical arrangement?)


-are all the conections right? can everyone hear? comfortable? ready to go?


-until you like it or go broke


-sweeten or beef up what you got

Post Production and Mixing

-add effects, set levels and tonality

Mastering (optional)

- make final mix radio ready

Burn finished

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Hope Is Tomorrow by Raising Abel - recorded @ LNC Studios